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How to cancel the control package 25 orange, step by step


There are many codes, such as the code to cancel the control package 25 Orange, which was previously launched by Mobinil, now Orange, to make it easier for all customers to subscribe or cancel any of the offered services.

Control Plus Orange Package

Motkhleelon offers all Orange customers today how to cancel the Control 25 Orange package and the codes that were put forward by the company to enjoy its many services.

The Control Plus package is one of the best calls and internet packages that have been launched by Orange with the aim of competing with all telecom companies in Egypt.
It was announced in 2020 by Orange in all the media, where the company stated that the Control Plus package is a system available to all new customers and former customers.

The purpose of this system was to eliminate old systems that are not currently available to subscribed customers.

It has been said about the Control Plus system that it is one of the most beautiful calls and Internet systems that have been launched by the Orange company, which offers many offers and services.
There are also four different systems that you can choose the right one for you, including Control Plus 25, Control Plus 30, Control Plus 45 and System 70.
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Control Plus Codes 25 Orange
How to cancel the control package 25 orange, with different steps
The Control Plus 25 system allows you to enjoy 1000 units that you can use as minutes and megabytes of messages.
In addition, the new lines from Control Plus 2020 give the opportunity to enjoy double the package, i.e. 2000 units instead of 1000.
You can subscribe to Control Plus 25 by charging your balance with an amount of 37 Egyptian pounds only.
Orange also introduced Control Plus lines with a wonderful feature, which is that if you stay with units and the month ends, you have the choice between carrying over the units to the next month, or getting a discount when charging the package, 1 EGP for every 100 units staged.
In the event that the package expires before its due date, you can select it again through the following code: #18#.
While canceling the Control 25 Orange package is by calling 400 or the code #0# or through the My Orange app.

Control Plus 30 package from Orange

You can recharge a balance of 43 Egyptian pounds in order to renew the Control Plus 30 Orange package.
Enjoy the Control Plus 30 package for 1200 Oujda per month, valid for usage of minutes, SMS and megabytes.
Now get double your shipment through Control Plus lines 2020, which gives only 2400 Orange minutes or 4800 MB for social networking sites.
One of the most prominent features of the Control Plus 30 package is that after the package expires before the scheduled date, you can call all Orange numbers for free and enjoy WhatsApp for free until the renewal date.
Also, if the month is over and you haven’t finished your units, you can choose to carry them over to the next month or get a shipping discount of 1 EGP for every 100 units.
If you want to renew your package before the hair renewal date, you can dial the code #18#.
While to cancel the Control Plus 30 bundle, call 400 or dial the code #0# or cancel it from the website of the Orange application.

Control Plus System 45 Orange

The 45 Control Plus package gives you 1800 minutes, SMS and megabytes throughout the month to Orange and other networks.
Where you can recharge your balance with a value of 65 Egyptian pounds per month to renew the Control Plus 45 package.

Now enjoy double your recharge as minutes for Orange lines only or 7400 MB for social networking sites only throughout the month.

The Control Plus 45 system also enables you to call Orange numbers and use WhatsApp for free after the end of your units and until the renewal of the package.
In addition, you can choose the most suitable for you among the offers and advantages offered, such as choosing Plus Minutes or Plus Social and dialing the following code #22# to get double the consumption.
In addition to the possibility of choosing between carrying over the unit to the next month or enjoying a credit discount when recharging the package in case you have unused units left.
You can renew the package before its due date using the code #18#, and cancel it by using the code #0#.
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Codes for the control plus package 70 orange
Cancellation of the control package 25 orange
You can now choose the highest category of Control Plus, which is the 70 category, which requires you to recharge your balance with a value of 100 pounds per month.
It gives you 300 units per month that you can use as minutes, messages and megabytes.

Also, through Control Plus lines 2020, you can enjoy double your recharge for Orange numbers only, or 12000 MB, valid for social networking sites only.

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